interference on 1030....and other things. ;-)

Laurence Glavin
Wed Nov 9 16:48:57 EST 2005

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> 104.1 and 105.7 definitely do produce a mixing product at 102.5 and
> undoubtedly that product does interfere with WCRB downtown. When WCRB lost
> its place on the Channel 2/4/5 tower, it must have had a choice of moving to
> FM 128 or the Pru. I suspect that the choice of FM 128 was economically more
> attractive. For sure, it is exactly such problems that have motivated the
> exodus of so many of the major Boston FMs from Newton to downtown. More
> people probably live in the interference zone around the Newton/Needham
> towers than live in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the South End, but the
> advertising agencies are in town, so even though the rent on FM 128 may be
> lower, a site downtown may indeed be more valuable. I guess that if time
> buyers can't hear a station they are unlikely to place spots on it. Perhaps
> that's less important to WCRB than to other commercial FMs, since a lot of
> ads on WCRB are institutional in nature. The nature of WCRB's clients may
> well have tipped the balance in favor of staying in the Newton/Needham area.
> If WCRB is sold, the new buyer might well want to move the transmitter
> downtown. I bet the decision depends strongly on the new format, if any.
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One factor not mentioned is the fact that WCRB operates with just a tad 
less than full power for a station at its antenna height (351 meters) because
of the currently non-existent but still authorized station at 102.3 licensed
to Truro on the Cape.  WROR is licensed with 9.0 KW;  when WBOS was there,
they were authorized to operate with 8.8 KW;  WCRB has 8.1 KW.  So one
conclusion is that they would have to operate with even LESS relative power
on the Pru...which raises this quizzical question:
why is WBCN authorized for the full 50K@500' NDA  from the Pru with
an actually-operating outlet on the next-adjacent channel (WOCN-FM 103.9),
while WCRB, farther away, has to truncate its signal for a non-
existent FM?  Is it because WBCN was in situ when WOCN went on-the-air
while WCRB moved toard the coast?


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