Interference on 810

Sid Whitaker
Tue Nov 8 17:56:44 EST 2005

While I'm complaining about interference on clear
channels, add 810 to the list. On I-91 south in VT
this past weekend, I heard CJVA's French music walking
all over WGY, well after dark. Supposedly they're DA
after sunset. Do I recall something about Canadian
stations not interefering with US 1-A clear channels
after dark, or am I off-base with this??


--- Sid Whitaker <> wrote:

> listening to 1030 in the Albany area around 6pm last
> night (post-sunset, as near as I can tell), I heard
> WBZ fighting it out with country music and Sean
> Hannity. Sounds like someone's running unauthorized
> nighttime or critical hours.
> ---Sid
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