Dick Gordon To Host Show From North Carolina

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> Heck, it might be interesting to find out how the giving of the three or
> four other opera devotees (besides Mr Glavin) in Greater Boston compares
> with the giving by devotees of orchestral music. My guess is that the
> opera-listener numbers are so minuscule that each person would have to give
> many times his/her annual income for public-radio stations to get support
> for opera equal in dollars to the (none-too-great) support they receive for
> orchestral classical music.
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I don't want to mention any names, but some people need to get out more.
The Handel-and-Haydn Society just had a successful run of three 
performances of a staged opera at the Cutler (NOT Jim Cutler) 
Majestic(?) theater in mid-October...I was there for one of them.
Boston Lyric Opera is presenting six performances of a mainstream
opera, "Lucie de Lammermoor" (in French to attract WJIB-AM
morning drivetime devotees) which therefore will play before 12,000-plus
probably unduplicated listeners (I've known people who go to
more than one performance during a run, usually in New York
to hear alternate casts, which doesn't happen here intentionally).
Two years ago, the Boston Lyric presented "Carmen" free at the
Common or Public Gardens, and the authorities counted 140,000
people in attendance.  I also attended a nearly-sold-out
performance at Symphony Hall by Cecelia Bartoli, and I have
little doubt a big crowd will be there for Diana Voigt next week.
Oh, BTW, WGBH-FM will carry a live broadcast of this Sunday's 
performance of the aforementioned "Lucie...";  they perhaps 
wouldn't undertake this moderately expensive enterprise if they
didn't get support.  And oh yes, on my WGBH membership card,
it says member since 1986.


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