Bluegrass on the radio

Scott Fybush
Mon Nov 7 12:48:01 EST 2005

At 12:35 PM 11/7/2005 -0500, Garrett Wollman wrote:
><<On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 12:19:31 -0500, "Dan Strassberg" 
><> said:
> > Is WPAQ still on AM (740, IIRC) in Mt Airy NC?
>You betcha.  (Oops.  I don't think they're into bluegrass all that
>much in Minnesota.  What's the appropriate Southernism?)
>Scott and I were there a few years ago and forwent the opportunity to
>stop by and visit.

That's right up there at the very top of my "missed radio opportunities" 
regret list - that, and passing up the chance to ride the elevator up one 
of the Philly TV towers.

Apparently, the inside of the WPAQ building is something of a radio museum, 
with much of the original equipment from the station's 1948 sign-on still 
present and operating. (Shades of WCAP :-)


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