What do you do when idiots are standing just behind reporter in live news shot?

John Bolduc n1qgs@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 23:23:10 EST 2005

Channel 9 Manchester NH this evening had a live news shot from downtown
Manchester during the 11PM news. During the live shot two roughly 20 year
old young ladies were starting to ham in up just behind the female
reporter. This went on for probably 20 seconds and went down hill from the
start. It concluded with one of the young lady's, in clear view of the
camera, giving herself, how do I word this...., a passionate bosom

What do you do in a case like that. First thing that came to mind to me is
for the cameraman to do an extreme close-up on the reporter. The
expression on the female anchors face was somewhat stunned.

John B
Derry NH

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