could someone explain this to me?

Joseph Pappalardo
Sun May 29 20:44:35 EDT 2005

From: "Dan Strassberg"

> I listen to AAR A LOT--and I do not recall EVER--even once--hearing any of
> the hosts even suggest such a thing!

And I have listened to Chuck Harder a LOT and never heard him "imply Clinton
murdered Vince Foster and killed other people with whom he disagreed."

The above instances may indeed be a case of, what Donna called, "that old
theory about how each of us hears what we
want to hear, or how our listening reflects what we already believe."

> On the other hand, there was a very
> well publicized statement by a prominent spokesman for the Christian Right
> (can't recall which one, but he is very well known, Falwell maybe) that
> absolutely DID blame America for 9/11. He specifically blamed abortion and
> homosexual unions.

I believe it was Pat Robertson and Falwell.

But that's how religious freedom works in this country.

You are entitled to believe in any crazy thing that you want.

(And, people will disavow most of the nutty things you say, as was the case
with this.  Robertson has very little standing in the Republican Party and

And, as we should all know, ministers do not speak for the entire republican

> The first is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the
> Supreme Court's interpretation of the US Constitution in several
> of which Rowe v Wade was only the first. The second is (I believe), legal
> three states--Hawaii, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Legality doesn't equal morality...and that's what Robertson was addressing.

From: A. Joseph Ross, J.D.

>>Since you say you haven't listened for more than five minutes, your
opinion must be based
on third-hand accounts, some of which are deliberate lies.<<

No, they are based on first hand listening.
((See Donna's theory above)  ;-)

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