could someone explain this to me?
Sat May 28 07:37:48 EDT 2005

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>> Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and others on AAR certainly are talented
>> individuals, however, they have a problem... they are all negative,
>> 24/7.  There is NEVER, under any circumstances even one fair or kind
>> word ever spoken about even one small issue or person connected with
>> Conservatives.
> Obviously you haven't been listening.  I haven't listened to Randi Rhodes
> very much, but I
> have listened to Al Franken, and he's not always negative at all.  In
> fact, not to long ago, he
> did a joint hour with G. Gordon Liddy.

My radio must have been broken that day.  I too find AA way too
negative...the left wing equivalent of a Savage, etc.  The constant Bush
bashing DOES get old after a while.  I will admit that I don't listen to
AA (Savage either for that matter) very often, or for very long...I find
it annoying and I'm not a masochist.

>> The unabashed hatred and contempt for President Bush,
>> Christians, 2nd amendment advocates, pro-lifers and all things
>> Republican wears people out.
> Why should it wear people out any more than the unabashed hatred and
> contempt for
> Clinton, liberals, and all things Democrat that we hear from the far
> right?

I considerd the Clinton bashing of the 90s just as annoying and tedious as
Bush bashing.  Negativity is negativity no matter who it's directed at.

>> but I can't listen more than 5 minutes without wanting to
>> scream.   I'm no big lover of the G.O.P., but I am patriotic and take
>> offense to most of Franken, et al's agenda.
> I suggest that you haven't listened for even that long if you find Al
> Franken unpatriotic.

Maybe "unpatriotic" is a bit strong, but you've got to admit that Franken
and his ilk tend to be of the "blame America first" mindset.

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