could someone explain this to me?

A. Joseph Ross
Fri May 27 23:38:43 EDT 2005

On 27 May 2005 at 15:08, Steve West wrote:

> Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and others on AAR certainly are talented
> individuals, however, they have a problem... they are all negative,
> 24/7.  There is NEVER, under any circumstances even one fair or kind
> word ever spoken about even one small issue or person connected with
> Conservatives.  

Obviously you haven't been listening.  I haven't listened to Randi Rhodes very much, but I 
have listened to Al Franken, and he's not always negative at all.  In fact, not to long ago, he 
did a joint hour with G. Gordon Liddy.

> The unabashed hatred and contempt for President Bush,
> Christians, 2nd amendment advocates, pro-lifers and all things
> Republican wears people out.  

Why should it wear people out any more than the unabashed hatred and contempt for 
Clinton, liberals, and all things Democrat that we hear from the far right?

> but I can't listen more than 5 minutes without wanting to
> scream.   I'm no big lover of the G.O.P., but I am patriotic and take
> offense to most of Franken, et al's agenda.

I suggest that you haven't listened for even that long if you find Al Franken unpatriotic.
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