could someone explain this to me?

Laurence Glavin
Fri May 27 17:20:40 EDT 2005

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> But Donna, just about all speech is supposed to be protected under 
> the Constitution.  If the Leftists on AAR can air a skit featuring 
> someone shooting President Bush (one thing that really IS illegal 
> speech), why can't Savage spew some of his more hateful ramblings?  
> Can't have one thing without allowing another, unless we wish to 
> ban all speech.
> You do bring up a very good point, which is proven, by the way... 
> that Americans are polarized more than at any time in our past, and 
> that there doesn't seem to be any room for a fair and balanced 
> discussion in talk radio, but I'd argue that one can, if he/she 
> Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and others on AAR certainly are talented 
> individuals, however, they have a problem... they are all negative, 
> 24/7.  There is NEVER, under any circumstances even one fair or 
> kind word ever spoken about even one small issue or person 
> connected with Conservatives.  The unabashed hatred and contempt 
> for President Bush, Christians, 2nd amendment advocates, pro-lifers 
> and all things Republican wears people out.  Even those of us who 
> don't care for the president's policies and who do think we went to 
> war with the wrong country are sickened by this continual 
> bash-fest.  I don't know about you guys... but I can't listen more 
> than 5 minutes without wanting to scream.   I'm no big lover of the 
> G.O.P., but I am patriotic and take offense to most of Franken, et 
> al's agenda.
Wrong about the Franken show...he FREQUENTLY has guests from the
right on and treats them as fairly as if he himself were of the 
same persuasion.  (I glean this from the Saturday "Best of..."
shows.)  One example:  an author whose name I can't recall
who recently compared the political scene to the Comedy Central
show "South Park".  The colloquy was very reasonable and mutually
respectful.  Another example:  recently right-leaning columnist
William Safire retired from the New York Times, a paper that
otherwise features leftist scribes.  Al Franken did a segment in 
which he urged the NYT to replace him with a similarly 
Conservative pundit.  By the way, the equally august Wall Street 
Journal did  the opposite...when Al Hunt, their token liberal
op-ed writer left, the WSJ replaced him with a rotating list
of writers who are simpatico with their editoral bent.

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