'RKO launches blogger's show on Sun night

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I agree. I'm liberal on some issues; conservative on other issues. I worked 
for the Herald's CNC unit. I really enjoyed the paper although I didn't 
always agree with the editorial page. I would never want Boston to become a 
one paper town. But, I do believe there should be balance and access and 
that isn't happening in radio.

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> Any liberals out there who can honestly say they'd cry if the Herald
> went out of business?

As a liberal who grew up in a one-newspaper town, damn right I would!
I may not read the Herald, or the Glob for that matter, but I know
what it's like to live in a place where the print media does no more
than it has to.

[Not replying to the rest of your screed as it would be even more
off-topic for this list.]


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