'RKO launches blogger's show on Sun night

Mission Control miscon@miscon.net
Sat May 21 09:54:06 EDT 2005

Isn't this just what Christopher Lydon is going to do on WGBH / WUML? He's already had 3 "dry-runs" that were internet-only (I'm sure someone can find the link, but frankly I can't be bothered).

And regarding "Open Source" (Lydon) I can only think that a 1-hour daily show dedicated to "blogging" will end up either being a drag, or a pet-rock fad, unless he uses those tools to access those other "voices" on the topic-of-the-day (hmmm... a new "Connection?).

Now a WEEKLY program on "blogging" (like a weekly program on, oh, lets say, CARS ala Car Talk) seems a lot more reasonable.

btw, WUML will be airing "Open Source" at 9AM - yes, 9 in the morning - the following day.


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