'RKO launches blogger's show on Sun night

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Sat May 21 07:45:58 EDT 2005

While it is kinda neat to have a radio show about blogging, is it really a 
show about blogging or a show about conservative bloggers who beat up 
supposed liberals? Looking at Kevin's page, it seems like a whole bunch of 
blather about the liberal media conspiracy, something many of us know 
doesn't exist. As well, his blog guests listed for the first few shows are 
all conservative. Is there ever going to be balance? Can you really be a 
"pundit reviewer" and only bash liberals? And why is it that WRKO chose to 
put another conservative on the air? Was there no one who was down the 
middle who could have been hired or even a little left of center, since 
everything on WRKO is conservative? How about Dan Kennedy? While I am no fan 
of the "lamestream" media, as I said in a previous post, all this Newsweek 
stuff is a bunch of hooey. I know, it's futile and frustrating, but this is 
getting just a bit ridiculous. Well, alright, at least it is a local show 
and we can always hope that Kevin's show becomes a bit balanced.

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At the end of the Howie Carr show, Howie introduced his regular caller Kevin
Whalen, aka "Kevin From Danvers". Kev will have the Sunday night pre-Drudge
slot that had been Newsweek on Air (8-9 pm). I guess he's a blogger and will
talk about the new media/blogosphere/views "not often heard", etc. He 
guests the first few weeks will include the Wall St. Journal's James Taranto
and talk host Hugh Hewitt (isn't/wasn't he on WTTT 1150?)

Boston Radio Watch said that the show, Pundit Review Radio, used to
air on WBIX and he has a link to the
creator's blog. BRW also hints that ESPN 890/1400 may wind up signing on
during July 4th weekend. (http://www.bostonradiowatch.com ) 

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