Reporter swears at O&A hecklers, gets fired

Mark Laurence
Fri May 20 15:20:12 EDT 2005

According to the New York Post, the swearing didn't happen during Chi'en's live report.  He finished the report, then turned around and asked "what the F are you doing."  He obviously thought he was off the air, but the cameras were still live at the time.  Poor judgment, bad timing, but your version makes it sound like a career-ending total meltdown, while the Post (as well as the story you link to) makes it sound more like a costly mistake. 


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Subject: Reporter swears at O&A hecklers, gets fired

TV reporter Arthur Chi'en has been fired for shouting the "F" word at
two hecklers during his live report at a subway train station.

Chi'en was doing a story about Metro Card scammers when two men began
shouting about radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony.(snip) Fans of Opie
and Anthony are reveling in Chi'en's firing. They have mounted a
campaign to annoy TV reporters.

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