WKMY 91.1 on air?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri May 20 12:23:40 EDT 2005

At 07:31 AM 5/20/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I think WKMY will probably do fairly well within a limited sphere.  I'm from
>Gardner originally, I still visit down there frequently, and I'm a
>clergyman, so I know the area's "spiritual demography" quite well.  There
>are lots of evangelical churches in the Gardner-Winchendon-Athol area, and
>while the North County has two other Christian stations (WCMX and WFGL),
>neither has a contemporary Christian music format ---they're more oriented
>around preaching and Bible teaching.  I would guess WKMY will complement
>them and gain its own niche.

WKMY has nothing to do with Winchendon, really. It's just a convenient 
primary station that can then feed chains of translators in the commercial 
band, which can't take the K-Love programming directly off the satellite 
but can rebroadcast Winchendon over the air or via translator-to-translator 
relay. That's how the game's played these days, sadly...


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