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> To keep this on the media and radio front, what really surprises me 
> is the life this who thing has
> taken on the air. It has been on the air for days now. It's had 
> more legs than the revelation from the
> British memos that PROVE the Bush administration lied about Iraq. 
> That wasn't anywhere on the
> radio and yet this thing has not died. This administration, which 
> has basically lied about everything
> since they have been in there, hasn't repaired any of the damage 
> their actions have done to the world.
> Newsweek's source may have backed off the claim but that doesn't 
> mean that they were inaccurate
> or lying in their report. They went with the story they had at the 
> time. I don't think Newsweek should
> do anything.
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Air America Radio has really been flying with the Downing Street
memo  trying to insinuate it into the general discourse.
One host wants Democrats in touch with Howard (cue the Wilhelm
sfx) Dean to mention it when he appears on "Meet the Press" to
be televised this coming Sunday (when it will air on 960 FM Talk 
is yet to be determined).

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