BRW: Celts to Entercom?

David Tomm
Wed May 18 15:42:04 EDT 2005

Yeah, and the chances of the Sox going to 1510 are about the same as 
Rush Limbaugh becoming a Democrat.  It ain't gonna happen, no matter 
how much money Paul Allen throws at them.  If anything, the Sox would 
want a station with at least the same amount of coverage as WEEI or 
more, not less.  Infinity stations have begun to sour on paying big 
bucks for sports teams radio rights since Mel Karmazin left, so WBZ may 
not be as big of a player for the Sox games as some may think.   Still, 
they may be in the mix along with Greater Media's WTKK.  At the end of 
the day though, I'd be very surprised if the Sox aren't on WEEI in 

--Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On May 18, 2005, at 2:36 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:
> Meanwhile John Molori's Media Blitz says that WWZN feels their chances
> of retaining the Celts are 50/50, and they also won't rule out
> spending big
> money to get the Sox (contract recently renewed through the end of
> 2006 by WEEI).

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