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Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Mon May 16 22:49:20 EDT 2005

Daniel Billings wrote:

> Words alone don't kill.  The idiots who reacted to the words by 
> rioting are responsible for the deaths.

Indeed, however, major media have amazing impact on unstable political 
conditions such as the Middle East. Those idiots (and you are being 
kind) are just as predictable today as they were 30 years ago - 
certainly the killers have no shortage of stimuli.  It was just a matter 
of time (pun intended) that insurgents would trigger more bloodshed.

All that said, the journalist who drove that story, although not even 
indirectly responsible for the mayhem that his story triggered, must be 
considering leaving that fine piece of work out of his portfolio.  I 
hope he smoked a sweet cigar when he broke the Lewinski story because I 
think he just ran out of matches.

Bill O'Neill

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