Never Trust Jay Severin!

Laurence Glavin
Sun May 15 13:27:10 EDT 2005

For some reason, a few days ago Jay Severin opined that FM talk
969 was the best place to go for "Meet the Press", not your
local NBC TV outlet.  He even said "MtP" airs "live" Sundays
at noon. could it be live 30 minutes after it ended
on channel 7 or 10 or 6 (in the FM 969 coverage area) or channel 4
where he lives?  But today (05/15) it was less fresh than usual:
in fact it was LAST WEEK'S show!  (Tim even wished Mary Matalin
a happy mother's day).  Now here's my usual routine...I tend to
watch "Fox News Sunday" as it is presented on channel 25;  tape 
George Stephanopoloupopoluplous's "This Week" and "Face the Nation"
with Father Time for later viewing.  Then I listen to "MtP" on WTKK.
Now I'll have to tape "MtP' off cable tonight or in the early am on
channel  7.  WTKK has completely messed up my Sunday (minus-LTAR)
schedule.  So never trust Jay Severin again (if you ever did).

Laurence Glavin

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