Peter Q. George radiojunkie3@yahoo.com
Fri May 13 15:25:27 EDT 2005

JUST MY $0.02 on this.....

These informal objections were either filed by people
who have either no real "standing" in the community
(except for the Mayor of Taunton)  OR, these people
simply did not know the "ins and outs" of how the FCC
works.  Speaking from experience, these "informal
objections" have no merit and usually are denied out
of hand.  But, if these people were truly concerned
about losing WPEP's service, they probably should have
hired an FCC attorney (that's no cheap deal, for sure)
and made a FORMAL PETITION to DENY. Good luck there. 
As for any pro-bono..... "you get what you pay
for".... need I say more?

I personally feel that WPEP COULD get an X-band slot,
if they (Anastos) feel a compelling interest to do
some FCC paperwork and show the interest of the
community.  But, from what I have observing.... they
simply want to "take the money and run"... 
1570/Taunton is not long for this world.

I'll be honest in asking, WHY would Willow Farm want 
to put a 50,000 watt signal that "feeds the fishies"
and very little else?  The electric bill will be
staggering for the amount of potential listenership
gain (if any).  The night time signal will still be
what it is now.  Only the applicant knows for sure.

GOOD luck.....


Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts    

--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com>
> > And we've been having fun debating it (at least I
> have.) But I'm still
> > waiting for a reason that's consonant with current
> FCC policy and
> precedent
> > to deny this transaction...
> Well, for one, the informal complaints don't carry
> much weight.  (as this
> case shows).
> This is where it would behoove a petitioner to to
> get a comm lawyer
> involved.  That's their expertise.  Loopholes and
> lobbying included.
> I'm not sure they would give me the same answers you
> are giving.  (You are
> not a lawyer, and neither am I.)
> At that point it would probably come down to who had
> the resolve and the
> financial wherewithall to pursue.  And my guess is
> that there is/was nobody
> so bothered by losing WPEP that would spend the
> time, effort and money to
> see it through.
> JP

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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