Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Fri May 13 03:47:48 EDT 2005

> As Garrett has pointed out.....
> Like it or not, the deal between Anastos and WNSH is legal. There is no
> precedent and no authority for the FCC to do what it's suggesting you do.

Well, I don't believe you and Garret are lawyers...for that matter, neither
am I.

But you do get the award as the FCC-geeks of the list.  ;-)

You can submit a petition to deny" for any reason at all.  (Doesn't mean it
will be acted upon.)

So, it doesn't apply to the 'window' rule that keeps getting bandied about.

The FCC has been known to do many things that surprise people, especially
when politicians (and lawyers) get involved.

I keep remembering how a vendetta by Tip O'Neil, basically drove RKO General
out of the the broadcasting business for very little reason.

In any event, the CP has been granted....and the subject is moot.

However, there's no telling what a petition to deny might have brought to
this situation.

Usually it depends on the resolve and financial resources of those pursuing

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