WSMN Nashua being used by fire department for training

Sid Schweiger
Tue May 10 23:16:45 EDT 2005

>>I noted that shortly after the signal went dark, so did the tower
lighting.  A few days later the lighting returned -- probably forced to
re-light them because of the proximity to Nashua Airport.<<

Not the sole reason at all.  Any tower that's required to be lit does
not have that requirement lifted just because the transmitter feeding
that tower is turned off.  The only legal ways for the lights to be
turned off permanently are either a new determination of "no hazard"
from the FAA or the dismantling of the tower.  Tower lighting is an FCC
hot-button issue, and I'm guessing someone from WSMN got a very angry
call from someone in either the FCC's Boston district office or the FAA
regional center (also in Nashua) when they found out the lights were

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