WSMN Nashua being used by fire department for training

John J. Francini
Tue May 10 23:01:00 EDT 2005

Do you know if everything of value to putting WSMN back on the air 
has been removed, such as the transmitter, station electronics, and 
the record library?  One would hope they weren't doing that with all 
that stuff still there...

Also, what about the tower lighting system?  I noted that shortly 
after the signal went dark, so did the tower lighting.  A few days 
later the lighting returned -- probably forced to re-light them 
because of the proximity to Nashua Airport.  Does the tower lighting 
get its power feed from the station proper?  Or is there a plan to 
take the towers down, assumedly in a way that they could be 
re-erected elsewhere?

John Francini

At 19:07 -0700 5/10/05, John Bolduc wrote:
>Listening to my scanner today (fire scanner, not image scanner) I heard
>Nashua NH Fire Rescue doing Rapid Inverntion Team (RIT) Training. This
>usually involves filling the building with theatrical smoke and simulating
>rescues. I imagine if this goes the way of normal fire department
>training, in about a week, they will start to set several small fires and
>put them out. I'm speculating a total burn down within the month.
>John B
>Derry NH

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