New(?) Boston Pirate On 102.9; 94.5 Testing IBOC

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild
Tue May 10 14:28:32 EDT 2005

First noted Thursday morning around 450am at South Station's GMF,
mixed in with all of the Pru xmtr's signal overload wasteland, a
new--?--pirate on 102.9, with "slow groove" Motown type oldies
(like ABC's "The Touch" music net).  When I checked again later
that evening, (english) Caribbean/Reggae was noted, then back to
the Motown oldies in the overnight (a long playing loop/CD?).
This seems to be the evening/overnight sched:  Caribbean/Reggae
(english and spanish and/or french) in the evenings and "automated"
"Motown oldies" in the overnights (though I think last night they
stuck with C/R).
Also as someone noted last night on an FM Dx list, WJMN-94.5 has
begun testing its IBOC!  P=(


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