Mix 98.5

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Mar 28 16:09:39 EST 2005

At 03:57 PM 3/28/2005 -0500, KEVIN GOODWIN wrote:
>According to Scott Fybush NERW Mix 98.5's WhatEver Weekend prevents other 
>stations in the Boston market from going to an all Jack format. The 
>difference is that Mix is doing this on the weekends. This does not 
>prevent WBOS or other stations in the market from going toa full blowin 
>Jack format change.

I don't know that I'd use the word "prevents" - anybody can do anything, of 
course, and probably will. But there's a strong incentive to get there 
before the other guy does, if only to prevent disasters like the Mass 
Country Conversion of 1993. Ah yes - those halcyon days of WBCS fighting 
WKLB-FM for a 2 share... :-)

In any event, it sounds as though Mix is doing this ONLY on the weekends, 
for now, unlike some of the other hot ACs (WRQX Washington, KPLZ Seattle, 
WTMX Chicago) that are incorporating Jack-like format elements all week 
long while trying to keep their established identities.


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