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Laurence Glavin
Sat Mar 26 14:06:29 EST 2005

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>  I'd also like to hear WKOX give
> the heave-ho to Majority Report, which they carry on delay from 10:00 PM to
> 1:00 AM, and replace it with the live feed of Malloy. Janine Garafalo and
> Sam Seder often try mightily and they are slowly improving, but in my
> opinion, they aren't yet ready for prime time.
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> Dan Strassberg,
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I can't hear either WXKS-AM ot WKOX at night where I live, but I've
listened to the Garofalo/Seder show when I've been on the highway at 
night, and like some other AirAmerica shows, it's similar to
NPR/WBUR shows like "Talk of the Nation', "The Connection"
and "On Point".  I suspect that it's just fine for its time
period, but it would never make it in morning drive.
Mark and Mark's show uses humor, guest interviews and calls 
from more listeners, but even THEY can get PREACHY.
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