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A. Joseph Ross
Sun Mar 20 23:44:44 EST 2005

On 20 Mar 2005 at 9:41, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> Yes you are exaggerating a bit, but you certainly have a valid point. 
> When the left shrieks about the "right wing media", talk radio seems
> to be what they're referring to (I don't have cable and have never
> seen Fox news so I can't comment about that).  I certainly don't
> consider the major networks overly conservative.  

They're not overtly conservative, but they have cut back on a lot of coverage and generally 
back the official line, more than they ever used to.  And certainly more than when the official 
line was coming from a Democratic-controlled White House.

> My problem with Air Amerikka and the so-called "progressive" talk
> genre is that it's merely a left-slanted version of Rush, O'Reilly
> and others of their ilk.  

I can't speak about every program, but where Rush and O'Reilly blatantly lie, I believe that Al 
Franken is very careful to research his facts and get them right.  He even brings 
conservatives on his show and has discussions with them.  And while I think Stephanie 
Miller is a bit shrill at times (and may not be so careful to get the facts right), she takes pride 
in not cutting off callers who disagree with her.

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