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Daniel Billings
Sat Mar 19 22:01:36 EST 2005

I wasn't commenting on the content of the shows or the actions of the hosts 
but the way that the stations are marketed and positioned.  When I have 
tuned in Air America on its Portland station, I was surprised that the 
station itself was so directly positioned by an ideological and even 
partisan label.  I had never heard a station positioned in that way --  
individual shows and hosts certainly, but not whole stations.  (I accept 
Garrett's point about Salem's talk stations.)  I wonder how such a clear 
label on a whole station will impact sales?  I bet WGAN's sales would drop 
if they started positioning themselves as the conservative station.

Dan -- My conservative friends would laugh out loud at me being labeled a 

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine 

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