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Dan Strassberg
Sat Mar 19 19:10:15 EST 2005

Dan: Of course, most talk stations play to the right end of the policial
spectrum; they just don't advertise themsleves as doing so. It's all part of
the pervasive big lie about mainstream media being objective (if you believe
the typical right-wing pundits) or being biased to the left (if you believe
the neo-cons). The fact is, most talk stations are pretty hard right; they
just try to pass themselves off as being centrist--something that only a
naif or a right-winger like you would accept. I assume station management
believes that maintaining a facade of centrism makes it easier to attract
listeners and advertisers. The more savvy progressives are on to this game,
however--and have been for years. We've been starved for something that
isn't hard right; that's why AAR has gotten such a favorable reception in so
many markets. Even NPR has moved way to the right; they've had to do it to
appease the corporate underwriters, who provide a larger percentage of the
funding each year--as the neo-cons whittle away at government appropriations
for anything they don't brand as conservative or faith-based. Someday, this
whole neo-con agenda is going to implode. Right now, though, most of the
populace seems content in their ignorance. Nevertheless, sooner or later,
large numbers of people will wake up to the fact that they've been had and
that the corporate-controlled media have been instrumental in their being
had. Then the pendulum will start to swing to the left. Depending on how
many people are truly radicalized when they grasp the enormity of the raw
deal they've been handed by the big corporations, the pendulum may or may
not get past the center.

Dan Strassberg,
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> But it is interesting that the most of the major stations that Air America
> is supposed to be the alternative to do not play to only one side of the
> political spectrum even if most of the hosts are right of center.

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