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Tue Mar 15 21:38:07 EST 2005

Could be the home of the Spinners in 2005 - rumor has it that WUML is
backing out of the deal!

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On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:22:53, Stephanie Weil wrote:
> Sure some of the network product has been replaced by some local 
> content (why they do that, I have no clue - considering this is 
> supposed to be a network clearinghouse. I guess they do run the national
ads though).

You need to have some local content in a market like New York to get people
listening (and to have a shred of relevancy).

Tang was a long-time ESPN corporate suit; she was GM at the ESPN affiliate
in Pittsburgh for a number of years. To say this deal doesn't have ESPN's
finger prints on it (even if it's not directly investing) would be foolish.

ESPN cares first and foremost about exposure, and getting 24-hour exposure
of the ESPN brand in the Boston market is a plus for them.

Given that, I wonder if ESPN 1440 could potentially become the new old home
of the Spinners in 2006, once the deal goes through.

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