Scott Fybush
Tue Mar 15 19:21:49 EST 2005

At 07:16 PM 3/15/2005, KEVIN GOODWIN wrote:
>With ESPN sports radio format coming to WAMG and WLLH 890 and 1400 
>according to the Boston Globe article, both 890 and 1400 will carry both 
>MLB and NFL games. Does anybody list happen to know whether ESPN radio 
>carries NBA games and if and when there is a NHL season whether ESPN radio 
>carries NHL games as well?
>To respond to an earlier post about WEEI carrying ESPN MLB games. I don't 
>believe that WEEI can do that. My assumption is that if WEEI takes any of 
>ESPN's product don't they have to take the sports format as well? My 
>assumption is with ESPN it may be an all or nothing deal. Meaning that you 
>take all of their product not just pick and choose. Besides WEEI can not 
>carry ESPN MLB games because of their with the Red Sox. Also, according to 
>the Globe article it sounded like WEEI wanted to break ties with ESPN and 
>go FOX Sports Radio instead seeing that they are already an alfiliate of 

ABC will sell the ESPN MLB package without the full-time format under some 
circumstances, but I'd think that if they have a full-time ESPN Radio 
affiliate in a market (as 890/1400 will apparently be), that that station 
would get first dibs on the MLB.

Hasn't WEEI already had some of the ESPN MLB games?


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