WCOP circa 1961 aircheck

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On 13 Mar 2005 at 14:59, Donna Halper wrote:

> By then, the last Grozier was dead and a guy named John Fox bought it.
>  He was an alcoholic and also very caught up in finding Communists-- a
> big proponent of McCarthy.  He turned the paper into a shell of itself
> and ultimately drove it to bankruptcy.

That would explain it.  At some point, around 1953 I think, my mother stopped buying the 
Post (much to my dismay because I liked the comics) for awhile because it had "become a 
Republican paper."  I didn't understand that, but I think my father must have liked the Post 
because we started getting it again (along with some other paper that my mother liked, I 
think) until we moved to Albany for a few years.  For awhile, my aunt was saving the Sunday 
Post comic section for the me and sending them to me in Albany every so often.  The Post 
ceased publication while we were in Albany.

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