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On 13 Mar 2005 at 8:32, DonKelley@aol.com wrote:

> WCOP, at least in the last 50 years, didn't have any particularly
> successful years.  WCOP was a Top 40 station in the late 50's, but was
> forced to switch to Country when WBZ went Top 40. 

Not quite.  WBZ was Top 40 for some time in the late 50s and early 60s.  Why WCOP 
switched from Top 40, I don't know, but it wasn't because WBZ had "just" become Top 40.  
WCOP didn't become Country at that time, either.  They switched to a middle-of-the-road 
format for awhile and became country some time later.

>  It hung around but did little in the way of numbers until about
> 1975 when, as Joe Pappalardo notes, it became WACQ (sor tof a Hot
> AC before it's time) for a short period.   WACQ turned into Sunny,
> featuring Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, Barbra Streisand, etc.
> Then it was WHUE, Beautiful Music.   

Also not quite.  WACQ became WHUE (and the former WCOP-FM, which was WTTK at that 
time, became WHUE-FM).  At some point, WHUE (AM) became WSNY ("sunny") for a 
short time and then went back to being WHUE.  It was beautiful music all that time, 
sometimes simulcast with FM and sometimes separate.  At one point, keeping the WHUE 
call letters, they tried an all-news format, but that didn't last more than a few months, then 
they went back to the beautiful music format.

> I think it was also WCOZ for a day or two in the early 80's.

I believe for about a week, before it was sold to Greater Media.

>  Around 1994 the station became WNFT (Nifty 1150), carrying KidStar
> - an early verison of the Radio Disney-type format.  The KidStar
> network went under. Back to foreign language.  In 1996 it became
> WROR.  This wa sa way for Greater Media to "warehouse"
> those calls in poreparation for the debut of the new 105.7 WROR later
> that year. 

Again, not quite.  It became WROR for a week or two just before it became WNFT.  I don't 
remember the year.

>  I know that by the mid-to-late 60's WCOP was an NBC
> affiliate. 

I'm not sure when they first became an NBC affiliate, but it was after the changeover in 1962 
and lasted into the 1970s.

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