WCOP circa 1961 aircheck

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Donna:  Interesting history - thanks!  I never knew the Boston Post (Grozier
family, right?) owned 'COP.  I remember the Post from when I was a little
kid; my parents greatly grieved its loss.  I know this question isn't
appropriate to this board, but I have no idea where else to ask it: what
killed the Post, anyway?  Back in the '40s, it had the largest circulation
of any paper in Boston.

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> Actually, WCOP had a bunch of owners.  Joseph Kirby put them on the air in
> 1935, but then he dropped dead a year later and his wife ran the station
> till Arde Bulova (of the watch company) and Harold LaFount bought it circa
> 1937.  The two of them got into trouble with the FCC and in 1944, the
> station got sold again.  Cowles Broadcasting owned it for a while but sold
> it briefly to the late lamented Boston Post newspaper.  The Boston went
> belly up in 1956 and in May of that year, Plough acquired it.  I think
> owned it till around 1978 when GCC Communications acquired it.  I believe
> that Mega bought it in 1998, and after that, as Dan pointed out, it was
> purchased by Salem.

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