WCOP circa 1961 aircheck

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Don: I suspect that you resurrected much of your posting from your archives,
without realizing that it was two years or so out of date. As you doubtless
know, 1150 has been Salem's WTTT doing ultra-right-wing talk for (IIRC)
something like two years. (I've lost track of when the flip actually took

Also Joe's original post mentioned picking up some other 1150 underneath
WTTT (or whatever it was at the time Joe heard it) in downtown Boston. Back
before the FCC relaxed the rules for AMs' coverage of the COL, WCOP et al
required a waiver from the FCC for its inadequate signal downtown. For many
years, AMs were required to put 25 mV/m over "the main business district" of
the COL. That fuzzy wording was ultimately interpreted to mean the main post
office, which for Boston would have been the South Postal Annex near South
Station. No way did 1150 meet that criterion. The signal there is at best
about 15 mV/m--significantly less than 25 mV/m but more than enough to meet
the current 5 mV/m (daytime) requirement. I don't know what 1150's NIF
contour is, but I'd be surpriased if it were even as much as 7 mV/m; it's a
pretty old station. So if some station could be heard underneath 1150
downtown, my guess is that the interfering station was not operating within
the terms of its license. Although Canadian AMs have been moving to FM in
droves, there are still several 1150s in eastern Canada--and we all know how
lackadaisical they have become about pattern changes in the last decade.
Also, back before the 1150 in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick moved to 700
(it's now gone to FM), it would overwhelm the Boston 1150 during the daytime
along the coast in Provincetown, although Boston would win the battle a few
hundred feet inland from the water's edge.

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> Then it was sold to ARS, and subsequently to Mega, and it has been Spanish
for the last several years.

> -Don Kelley

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