Battle of the Talk Radio Hosts

Bob Nelson
Wed Mar 9 03:41:01 EST 2005

A tape trader gave me an mp3 of KIRO/Seattle's "Battle of the Talk Hosts". It's apparently the fourth or fifth such event: they get the various talk hosts (who run the political gamut from left to right) and have a fast-paced debate in front of a live audience at a local theatre, etc. I thought it was pretty good...maybe a Boston talk radio station could do something similar? As a matter of fact, KIRO's owner, Entercom, does have a certain talk station here in town... 

Picture WRKO's Scoot and Blotto--er, Blute and Scotto, John "My Website Still Says I'm In Providence" DePetro, Howie "Fried Clams with Tar-Tar Sauce" Carr...maybe Clapprood and Whitley, too...bring VB back to be the emcee. Who knows, they could do it as a benefit for a charity (and actually they may have done something similar to this at one of the Taste of Boston events; who knows). And have it _live on the air_, as KIRO did. 

Or it could be done on WBZ (Sullivan, Leveille, Lovell "I Love You, I Love You Madly" Dyett) or WTKK (Eagan and Braude, Mike "The Tough Street kid From Lincoln" Barnicle, "Flattop" Jay Severin, etc.) 

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