WCAP Off The Air Again

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Mon Mar 7 16:50:46 EST 2005

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> Must be directional south, because it isn't a killer signal here in central
> Maine. However much WZAN's predecessor WCSH may have touted itself as "The
> Super Station" in its early years,  WGAN's signal has always been much
> stronger within Maine itself.  Inland. 'ZAN begins to trail off after
> Augusta.  'GAN can be heard all the way to Bangor.
> Doug
According to fcc.gov, WZAN operates ND-Days.  Its location is south
of Portland, so it travels in this direction very nicely thank you.
And last summer (will we ever have another?), I got a 
below-market rental of a house on Cape Cod, and WZAN seemed to
be as strong as WBZ, yes WBZ, which aims away from the Cape.
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