It's a zoo up in Vermont :)

Doug Drown
Thu Mar 3 07:09:38 EST 2005

Cute.  We have "The Wolf,"  "Cat Country," "Big Froggy," "The Fox."  Up here
in Maine, it's "The Moose," "The Bear," "The River," and, in Portland,
"Frank."  Heaven knows what else.  Am I the only person who thinks all these
catchy attempts at circumventing the use of old-fashioned call letters is
just plain silly?  I remember back in the '60s when I heard it for the first
time --- WMEX began touting itself as "X-15."  I thought, "Where did they
come up with THAT idea?"
Ask the average listener what the actual call letters are of the station he
or she is listening to, and see what response you get.

Yours truly, "The Curmudgeon"

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> Welcome to the Vermont Radio Zoo. In this cage is Cat Country (95.1 in
Sunderland and 94.5 in Rutland). Over here is Big Froggy 100.9, licensed to
Berlin. There's a rockin' Fox at 101.5 in Brandon...and now word has it
(from that WSSH 95.3 White River Jct. will get the calls WXLF and
will soon be known as "The Wolf". So I'm guessing the Wolf's name is "Bob", used to be Bob...or... :)
> And if you like cows there's still WMOO 92.1 up in Derby Center--except
for a few days last year when a band called "Phish" rented them for a few
days and dubbed them "The Bunny"... :)
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