"Discover" Disses AM Radio

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Jun 26 07:16:11 EDT 2005

Four: 670 WSCR, 720 WGN, 780 WBBM, and 890 WLS. Plus ex-IB WMVP (if those
are this week's calls) 1000.

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> OK, here's a scientists from Cambridge, working in suburban
> Chicago, using AM radio as an analogy.   I wonder if this comparison
> came from his experience tryng to listen to AM radio in the
> Boston area or in Chcago.  The latter has three 1A clear channel
> stations while Boston has only one.  Maybe he got the idea from
> trying to listen to WJIB more than 5 miles away from Fresh Pond!

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