Beyond Limits

Donna Halper
Sat Jun 18 18:35:44 EDT 2005

>Jeff wrote--
>I know Jed very well. Unfortunately he no longer works at B101 or in radio
>at all. He was the last live overnight jock on a commercial station in
>Providence (with the exception of 95.5 WBRU). Unfortunately he was replaced
>with a computer, and they don't even voicetrack anyone overnights these

Jed was one of my students at Emerson and we keep in touch.  What an 
inspiring and determined person!  He would come to class with his seeing 
eye dog and the dog would lay down at his feet while he took classes.  He 
even took (and passed) a FILM class, because it was a required course and 
he didn't want special treatment.  All he asked was for a student to 
describe the visuals, and he did his critique from the dialogue and what 
the student described to him.  He was also the PD at Emerson's WECB-- 
learned the entire board by heart and just needed the PSA's put into 
braille.  I hope he finds another job, because he is an incredible kid for 

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