Mark Persky to Mornings with Frank in Portland

Chuck Igo
Fri Jun 17 13:35:10 EDT 2005

Not sure how long the link will stay up, but the short version is Mark
Persky, after 5 presidential administrations is moving back to where it
all began... 107.5.  
Mark was with WBLM in the 70's when The Blimp was at 107 1/2.  and now,
after a 6 month hiatus (presumably to satisfy a non-compete), is joining
the WFNK "Frank" morning show in July (date to be officially
determined), and there will be another addition to make Frank pretty
much like every other station in the market with a 3-person morning

I've known Mark for 27 years, first as a "listener," then as a friend
and fellow-broadcaster.  I wish him well, although not "too well," if
you catch my drift. ;-)

- -Chuck Igo

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