WESO Southbridge newspaper article

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>WGAW, WARE, now WESO . . . Hmmm . . . Do I detect a nascent trend?

While I applaud the efforts, I wonder how many of these stations can make a 
go of it long-term.  Eventually, even the most deep-pocketed owner gets 
tired of subsidizing a money-losing operation.  None of these stations 
exactly have powerhouse signals.

Most small local AM stations:  If one does the live local thing with every 
news tidbit and lost dog report, it will take 10 years for it to pay off. And 
that's not even a certainty since half the audience doesn't listen to AM, and 
the other half who know the local AM exists, also knows that its been struggling 
for the last 2+ decades with different owners and twice as many formats;  and 
whose area resident are inclined to say: "Oh yes, I remember W---,  is it 
still on?".  There are a small handful of exceptions....  Marshall Sanft, 
part-owner of WARE is married to the station, and never stops working. He's a great 
example of how a local station is owned and run locally, run by a person who 
loves radio.  WARE also has some unique advantages.... there's no other radio 
for 30 miles from the deep valley town of Ware, MA, where FM reception can be 
spotty.   Ed Perry at WATD is another great example.(on FM).

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