NERW: 'UMB CP for 'PAA slot;

Eli Polonsky
Mon Jun 13 18:43:15 EDT 2005

It appears that there may be a misunderstanding of what Scott had
posted in NERW, which was this:

> "On the North Shore, WUMB wasted no time applying for more power
> at repeater station WNEF (91.7 Newburyport) after the FCC deleted
> WPAA (91.7 Andover) a few months back. WNEF now holds a CP to go
> from 470 watts to a kilowatt, loosening its directional pattern
> to send more power west towards Haverhill".

It does not say that WUMB is applying for another translator in
Andover for the former WPAA allocation. They aren't.

There is no CP for WPAA's former Andover license, nor is there
any new CP for anything licensed to 91.7 in Andover.

The CP is simply for a power increase and pattern modification
for 91.7 WNEF Newburyport, a repeater of WUMB transmitting from

The CP increases WNEF from 470 to 1000 watts ERP, and loosens
the null toward Andover that used to protect WPAA. They will be
sending some signal from WNEF's transmitter in Amesbury toward
Haverhill and Andover, but not putting on a new transmitter in
or licensed to Andover.

Eli Polonsky

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