Dean Johnson Leaves Herald

Laurence Glavin
Sat Jun 11 14:13:24 EDT 2005

In his media column in today's (06/11) Boston Globe, Mark 
Jurkowitz (who himself is leaving the Globe voluntarily)
wrote about the many editors and writers at the Boston Herald 
who are taking buyouts or otherwise leaving the Boston Herald.
One writer named is Dean Johnson, long-time writer on the 
pop-record scene and occasional writer on the radio biz.
For the past couple of months, Greg Gatlin has written about
radio on the business page, and not only is he staying 
on, but is apparently getting a promotion.  Whether he, or
someone else will be covering radio remains to be seen.  It
may be time to make Clea Simon a Globe writer and not just a
correspondent.  (She could deal not only with radio but also
all cat-oriented stories like the attack-cat in Wethersfield, CT)

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