Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 12:07:03 EDT 2005

I was on the Free Republic messageboard and the name of talk host Hugh
Hewitt came up. He's on WTTT 1150 locally. I don't really listen to
WTTT, partly because their signal is on the weak side, and also
because I already have choices like WRKO,
WTKK, and WBZ, etc. 

They have all syndie conservatalk: Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis
Praeger, Michael Medved, Hewitt, Dr. Laura, Michael Reagan. Once or
twice I may dip into one of these shows while driving but that's
usually during a commercial break when Howie's on 'RKO, etc. And I go
back to Howie.

Well, I've talked about the no-show that WKOXKS had in the last
ratings book. Gotta admit that WTTT is also doing their impression of
the Invisible Man.
Is it due to weak signal or the "other choices" around? Quality of shows?
Or do they subscribe to the ratings service? Sister station WEZE 590 does
show up, if barely, in the ratings ("Christian Talk") so at least we know
they subscribe.

And keep in mind that the numbers I see online are 12 +. For all I know
WTTT may show up in the 25-54 but I'm not an industry pro who has access to

But I'm guessing that even though they didn't show up in the last 12 + book,
WTTT, like 1200/1430, must have at least some income from advertising
their all-syndicated lineup. Maybe they're breaking even at least...

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