Wed Jun 1 06:32:44 EDT 2005

I didn't listen to the show myself but I did read about the first show and I 
find the concept pretty fascinating in the sense that the technology has 
advance so fast that there is now a show like this as well as the fact that 
I am a writing and a broadcaster. Lydon's price tag does seem a bit high; 
but the concept is revolutionary in the sense that a lot of programming 
could potentially be digitized like this. Blogs as sources of opinion is no 
different than callers as sources of opinion. They only difference is that 
the process is more anonymous since you can't hear the person talking.

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> > Anyone catch Lydon's first show either last night on GBH or this
> > morning on WUML?
> I did, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out what the point was.

Same here.

I'm not sure I get the whole point of "open source" as a radio program.
OK, you can send ideas and comments about the show to the show.
Yes, they weblog the show...and you can download it as an MP3 file podcast.

But, in the has to be a decent radio show.

Seems like an awful lot of "geek talk", and self importance.

Maybe after they settle down from their "launch", they will start devoting
more programs to a single topic (a topic that isn't about themselves!)

I also didn't realize that the show is not going to be on Friday Nights.

$150k/yr for 4 one hour radio shows a week?  I don't get it. 

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