News about Air America

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> Umm, so does the right, which also puts forth the belief that if you 
> aren't with us, you're against us.  And THAT is the problem. Forigve the 
> word, but there is no NUANCE in either side, with a couple of notable 
> exceptions.  It is now possible to go your entire life and never hear the 
> other point of view. People seek out only those opinions with which they 
> agree and they never even consider what the other side is saying.  I see 
> most talk shows only adding to this problem, not helping to solve it.>

Great comments above.

We live in "us or them" times....which only serves to make average 
Americans...Democrats or Republicans...more vernerable to being lied to or 
hyped by politicans....and, because it serves to line their, 
TV, and print "entertainers" play along with the polarizing jive. 
Controversy creates a buzz that creates  higer ratings that generates wealth 
for entertainers. There needs to be a serious discussion of problems that 
effect many average Americans...but, you'll rarely see that happening in 
commercial media.

Just how stupid are average Americans? We're being played against each other 
for the financial benefits of politicans and entertainers.

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