Another View Of WBUR Changes

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jul 20 17:13:00 EDT 2005

Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner expresses
disappointment over the recent changes in WBUR programming
in an op-ed piece in Wednesday's Globe.  A few days ago,
a link to the Globe on this subject didn't work although the
URL was definitely correct.  The Globe now requires
FREE registration (how long will that last?) and I needed
to go through that rigamarole to view the former column.  
Perhaps the Globe's server needs to see the registration for
some items and not others.  This story was made available 
without entering my ID and password, so it may work today,
but as always, remember the Globe articles go into archive
very quickly.

Professor Gardner received one of those MacArthur genius grants,
and notice how he fastened on the excuse of "flat ratings",
something I emphasized in my post when the story broke.
Yes, great minds think alike.

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