WSMN Sold And Expected Back On The Air Soon

Scott Fybush
Tue Jul 5 16:33:50 EDT 2005

>So although the FCC might allow WSMN to operate temporarily
>from the 900 tower with more than 25W-D, I doubt whether a license would be
>granted for 250W-D or anything close. Since finding a site for a DA sounds
>like a completely forlorn hope, WSMN's best hope would appear to be to find
>an existing tower (cell tower) in or near the north end of Nashua, get
>permission from the tower owner to add a skirt-fed Folded Uniple antenna to
>the tower and hope that 250W-D or thereabouts would work put the requisite
>signal over Nashua while reducing interference to WARV and WUNR.
>Alternatively, two 100' towers somewhere in South Nashua might be
>satisfactory if a site could be found where the neighbors didn't hold up the
>project for years. Such an operation would have a reasonable chance of being
>allowed enough daytime power to actually cover Nashua with the requisite 5
>mV/m daytime signal.

One wonders whether Mr. Monaghan has anyone experienced enough in the ways 
of AM radio to counsel him as well as Dan is doing right here, or whether 
he's spending the $300K on the theory that losing the three-tower array is 
no big deal.

Dan, isn't the 1580 Cordaville app also a concern here, since (as long as 
it's alive) it limits WSMN's 0.25 mV contour in that direction as well?

And changing COL to, say, Hudson might have been a possibility once - but 
it requires the sort of major-change window that came and went a year ago 
and isn't likely to come around again for a while...


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