WSMN Sold And Expected Back On The Air Soon

Joseph Pappalardo
Tue Jul 5 12:43:43 EDT 2005

> One quick question:  if there's a market in Nashua for at
> least ONE locally-oriented AM radio station, why not do
> it on AM 900 and keep the problematic 1590 frequency dark?
> Or maybe put a 250-watt NDA on 1590 in a place like Milford as a
>  back-fill-in
> for AM 900?  OK that's two quick questions.

OK, here's a comment, and not an answer to your questions...  ;-)

Looking at the way they operate 900AM....mostly sattelite/syndicated
programming with automated controls...this owners appear to invest very
little in their stations and programming.  They seem to be running 900AM on
a shoestring.

With all of the wonderful ideas he touted in that article....all sorts of
locally oriented programming....I think all of that comes with bodies and

I have a hard time believing that the new onwers, who we have seen in action
at 900AM, will (or can) spend what is necessary to make a locally oriented
radio station.



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