What's Up With WLLH-AM?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Tue Jul 5 12:31:10 EDT 2005

Last night (07/04) as I was driving back from upstate NY, I tuned to AM 1400 while 
travelling through Westford, Chelmsford and Lowell on Route 495.
There was no usable signal from WLLH-AM, just intermittent bursts of sound.
I got off the highway and headed to the WLLH antenna near the Umass
Lowell nuclear plant, and the station was silent (WPOP in Hahtf'd
was continuously audible).  As I headed to the
I began to pick up the WLLH-AM temporary-for-60+-years experimental
antenna in Lawrence, and all I got were noticeable alternations
between normal power and lower or no power.  This continued until
this morning.  Hey you folks in Lowell:  is the AM 1400 stick
there finally back on?

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